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About Us


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Go Natural Healthy Living has set it's focus on the family and a foundation of health. As the makers of the Go Natural Complete Liquid Nutrition vitamins, we have also dedicated our selves in providing information, products and services for anyone striving to build a solid foundation of health for themselves and their entire family.

Taking an Holistic approach, we offer many years of research, personal experiences, collaborating with other like minded professionals and staying informed with all the changes in the laws that are slowly taking away our freedom of choice in personal healthcare.

For those GOING GREEN you are at the right place.

We are dedicated in providing all-natural products and even go a step further, testing those products on our families and ourselves. If they do not work for us, how can we expect them to work for you? We offer several naturopathic, homeopathic, and holistic wellness products. We also offer the original Miracle II soap line, Thai deodorants, and weight-loss products. We have found all these products to be safe and the most effective for all of our families.

The foundational product that sets the tone for everything else is Go Natural Complete Liquid Nutrition. Made from only the highest quality of raw ingredients, Go Natural Complete Liquid Nutrition has been formulated to meet the essential needs of a person’s body at any time during life. 100% Plant-Based nutrients do not care what race, religion, or even gender you are; they just want to provide nutrition. In fact, Phytonutrients are the only nutrients that your cells know how to communicate with. They are designed to help build a foundation of health and overall wellness for you and your family, as it has for my own family. You will not find any artificial sweeteners, lab created flavors, fake colors, synthetic fillers or extra carrier molecules anywhere in the line of Go Natural Complete Liquid Nutrition.

My staff and I are continuing to grow in excellence and education. We have experts in nutrition, specialists in ionic detoxification, licensed reflexologists, a licensed massage therapist and a doctor of naturopathic medicine within the ranks. We all share the most fundamental principle of helping others gain the knowledge for themselves so they can make the best choices. With the products, services and information my company can offer, I hope that it may empower you and open the doors to a better quality of life and happiness.

We want to thank you for visiting our site and putting your confidence in us here at Go Natural Healthy Living Center.


Marty and Tammie Frye
Owners: Marty and Tammie Frye
dr. karen harrisDr. Karen Harris, N.D., C.R.T. Doctor of Naturopathy. SABA' Health Clinic. Tulsa, OK

Dr. Harris offers all services on the first and third monday of the month at Go Natural Healthy Living.
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