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Foot Bath Detoxification

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Purchase a Foot Bath Session?
Please Read the terms of service.
Children 5-12 yrs  

Under 18 requires adult presence

20 min session (max) $15.00
12 & Older  

Under 18 requires adult presence

30 min session $35.00
45 min session $40.00
*This service should not be used at this time if your feet have open sores, if you are currently on blood thinner medication, or by pregnant women.




What is an Ionic Foot Bath?

foot bath before

The ions generated by the Ionic Footbath appear to travel through the body and attach themselves to many different toxic substances, thereby neutralizing their positive or negative charges and then drawn out through the feet. This detoxification process is essential to maintain health and high energy levels, avoid disease, and provide long-term wellness.

Under the effect of small electric voltage and current, the array of the Ionic Footbath generates positive and negative ions, which flows within the water. The negative ions will attract and attach themselves to oppositely charged toxins and tissue acid wastes, and will then draw them out of our bodies through skin pores in our feet. Tests have shown that heavy metal toxins, such as cadmium, cobalt, lead, tin and vanadium toxins can be significantly drawn out of the body through these pores during the detoxification.

Ion Baths are a very effective method for body detoxification. Most users can expect to feel lighter and experience a greater feeling of well being following each Ionic Footbath session. Increased vitality, improved sleep, rejuvenated skin condition, pain and stress relief, and symptomatic relief from painful, swollen or deteriorating joints has also been reported. Many people have noticed improvements and/or remissions in one or more of the following: accidents & injuries recovery, allergies, arthritis, autism, burnout, chronic stress, cold hand and feet, fatigue, headaches, heavy metal toxicity, hypoglycemia, low energy levels, pain, reversal in the aging process, soreness, stiffness, swollen joints & tissue, tension, and weight management without dieting.

foot bath after

Why Detoxify?


We live in a society fraught with pollutants and toxins — natural and synthetic. They exist in our air, water, food, clothing and the environments in which we live, work, play and sleep. Cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine are also major sources of toxins. As a by-product of busy lifestyles and the increasing pollution in the environment, our bodies are encountering and storing unwanted toxins on a daily basis. Tissue acid wastes, chemicals, and heavy metal residues now build up in our body faster than ever before, resulting in a greater incidence of allergies, and mental and physical incapacitation.Pimples, rashes, dark circles under the eyes, swollen joints, yellow, green and blotched complexions often indicate a build-up of tissue acid wastes inside the body. Our bodies are depleted of crucial life-giving elements, leaving us to feel drained of energy or unable to heal naturally from illness, injury or medical procedures.

With the increase in the number of chemicals introduced in the last fifty years, there has been a dramatic increase in incidences of autoimmune disease, allergies and common infections. There is no coincidence in this increase. There are tens of thousands of chemicals in use today and more than a forth of these are known to be toxic; moreover, nothing is known about their interactive effects. Tests on body fat shows residue of hundreds of chemicals. Metals, such as mercury, cadmium, an antimony are everywhere and impossible to avoid. Lead, for example, can block red blood cell formation. Chemicals can act as toxins that can block receptor sites on cells; cause changes in calcium homeostasis; selectively kill cells; and alter expression of gene products. Metals and chemical toxins weaken the immune system and cause increased vulnerability to viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections. In an attempt to detoxify these substances, our bowels, kidneys, liver, and immune system are being overloaded. Our eliminative channels have become blocked or dysfunctional because in conjunction with the synthetic chemical toxins in our environment, the western diet is so acid forming and de-vitalized of necessary nutrients.

To relieve the strains on our detoxifying organs, particularly the kidneys, liver, intestines, and immune system, it is more important than ever to maintain a detoxification regimen. The Ionic Footbath is designed to relieve these strains and detoxify the body through the skin, the largest organ in the human body. Several Ionic Footbath sessions, along with dietary modification, have been shown to substantially reduce and even eliminate the conditions discussed above.


The Healing Power of Water.


Water is a critical resource. It covers two-thirds of the Earth’s surface and 60 to 80 percent of the human body is comprised of water. It is in the fluids we drink, the air we breathe, the foods we consume, and it is the medium by which we detoxify ourselves. Aside from being the wellspring and sustainer of all life, it is also a living thing. When monitored, a glass of water can be found to produce an electrical charge of up to five volts. Additionally, if the water is healthy, the voltage reading will fluctuate and change over time. This bio-electrical energy is notably absent when water is distilled or run through a reverse-osmosis process; one needs to only drink a glass of tap water that has just actively traveled through pipes into a glass in comparison to a glass of distilled water to acknowledge this difference.

Since ancient times people have bathed in natural springs and reported experiencing healing benefit for many ailments. Resorts and health spas around the world maintain their popularity because bathing in springs — hot, cold or mineral — has undisputed therapeutic effects, including: improved circulation, increased relaxation and, as a result, relief from symptomatic or chronic pain. The Ionic Footbath ionizes water to detoxify the body and recreate the therapeutic experience found naturally in the world’s most reputed spas.


  Color of Water Material or Area of the Body Being Detoxified  
  Black Discoloration Liver  
  Black Flakes Heavy Metals  
  Brown Discoloration Liver, Tobacco, Cellular Debris  
  Dark Green Discoloration Gall Bladder  
  Orange Discoloration Joints  
  Red Flakes Blood Clot Material  
  White Cheese-Like Particles Most Likely Yeast  
  White Foam Mucous from Lymph System  
  Yellow-Green Discoloration Kidneys, Bladder, Urinary Tract, Female/Prostate Area  



I am 80 years old and my legs hurt me.  Also my Sciatica nerve acts up quite often sending a sharp pain down my legs. After a couple of sessions with the Ion Bath, I had a lot more energy and my legs rarely hurt me.
Nancy J.

I have diabetes and decided to try the Ion Bath one day when I went to a Health Expo.   I felt good after the bath (my color was orange for joints).  But I was amazed that I felt even better the next day.  Usually during work, my joints get stiff when I’m sitting at my desk for long periods of time.  However, after the Ion Bath, I realized that my joints weren’t stiff after sitting for a long time.   I now make sure that I get an Ion Bath at least once a month so I can get around much easier!

I had bladder cancer and had it removed.  Then during chemo, my kidneys started to fail and I needed dialysis.  During dialysis, my legs and feet would get numb and my feet were freezing.  At the Dialysis Center, they recommended that I get Ion Baths to help me get rid of toxins and byproducts from my dialysis.   I felt good the first time I had an Ion Bath.  Then, during my twice a week dialysis treatments, I noticed that my feet weren’t freezing anymore.   I now try to get an Ion Bath at least every two weeks!
Cancer Survivor

My young daughter had very smelly feet.   She didn’t even need to remove her shoes for people to get a whiff of the bad odor.   She had an Ion Bath and it worked wonders!   After only ONE treatment, she no longer has smelly feet!  Thanks!
Happy Mom

I am 87 years old and am legally blind and deaf in one ear.   I have an Ion Bath every week to help my general health.   I found that it helps me have energy during the week and it removes yeast from my body.  I feel much better after my sessions.

My girlfriend and I had a reflexology session at Center Point.   My girlfriend decided to get an Ion Bath afterwards to clean out the toxins that were gently massaged out during the reflexology session.  My girlfriend and I felt WONDERFUL all week long!
Pearland, TX
I work with horses on a daily basis and they always need de-worming so I was not surprised to see worms in my water.  Actually, 3 of them came out so I know that I have to be more careful when I work around them!
Horse Worker

 I am an insomniac and usually can’t sleep well at all.  Imagine my surprise when I had the best 3 nights sleep in a long time after my first Ion Bath! Thank you so much!
Insomniac in Houston, TX

I crushed both feet between a boat and the pier.  I had an operation and now have screws in my right foot.  My foot is always sore and doesn’t move very well (very stiff).   I had my first Ion bath and to my surprise, when I lifted out my foot, I could wiggle my toes easily!  My left foot is next for an operation but I don’t dread it now because I know I can come back and get more Ion bath treatments to help me retain movement in my feet.
Sugar Land, TX


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Note: We have seen a lot of different results in the water of the baths. Everyone is different in what they pull out of their bodies – it depends on their lifestyle, where they live and/or work, etc. But one thing is always certain – customers feel GREAT when they leave after their bath and even better the next day!
Warning: ALWAYS drink LOTS of WATER before, during and after any health session!
Disclaimer: The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements. This service is not intended to treat, prevent, mitigate or cure disease.