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An ancient art for the purpose of pain management and stress relief.
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Reflexology Session

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What is Reflexology?

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With a history dating back thousands of years, the theory is that the human body is on the hands and feet. Scientific proof that the hands are connected to the brain can be found in Discover Magazine, June 1993 issue.

By definition, a reflex is an involuntary response to a stimulus.

Reflexology is massaging specific areas of the feet and hands for the purpose of relieving stress or pain in corresponding areas of the body. There are thousands of nerve endings in just one foot that send messages to the brain to produce endorphins. These endorphins are the body’s own painkillers for relief of pain and stress.

A closer look will indicate that the human body can produce crystals in the blood. These crystals are usually deposits of calcium, uric acid and toxins. The crystals can be deposited in the hands or feet resulting in a “tender spot." This can cause a constriction of blood flow and oxygen to that area and the corresponding area of the body. Breaking down these deposits and massaging the specific area increases the blood flow, which will help eliminate these crystals.

A Reflexologist can break up deposits at the end of the nerve endings, while sending up oxygen flow and blood supply to the corresponding stressed areas in order to facilitate healing. Reflexologist do not diagnose, they make suggestions.

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Benefits of Refloxology.


The benefits of reflexology have to do with the reduction of stress. Because the feet and hands help set the tension level for the rest of the body they are an easy way to interrupt the stress signal and reset homeostasis, the body's equilibrium.

Benefits include:

  • Relaxation
  • Pain reduction
  • Amelioration of symptoms for health concerns
  • Rejuvenation of tired feet
  • Improvement in blood flow
  • Impact on physiological measures (e.g. blood pressure and cholesterol; measurements by ECG, EEG, and fMRI)
  • Beneficial for post-operative recovery and pain reduction
  • Enhancement of medical care (e.g. cancer, phantom limb pain, and hemodialysis patients)
  • Adjunct to mental health care (e.g. depression, anxiety, Post traumatic stress disorder)
  • Complement to cancer care (pain, nausea, vomiting, anxiety)
  • Easier birthing / delivery / post-partum recovery

Reflexology is a complement to standard medical care. It should not be construed as medical advice. It should not be a replacement to medical help. Please use it wisely.


How do I get results with Reflexology?


For best results techniques are applied consistently. We have been impressed with the results of reflexology work from China. Think of morning, noon and night application for a long-term health concern.

reflexology chartApplying reflexology daily is suggested for best results. This requires self-help and family help as well as the guidance of practitioners. The Reflexologist can provide you with a relaxing experience and quality work as well as educate you in how to do it yourself.

Build reflexology into your life. It is easy to incorporate while doing other activities. Put a foot roller under your desk or work your hands while waiting for the kids at school. Be creative but be consistent. Five minutes a day is worth more than an hour once in awhile.


Foot Massage

  Enjoy a relaxing half hour of simply being pampered with a thirty minute Foot Massage. Using aroma therapy you will be able to unwind and simply relax while listening to the sounds of running water and heavenly soothing music.  


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Disclaimer: The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements. This service is not intended to treat, prevent, mitigate or cure disease.